Inherit the Wind

slife productions!
Photos: Courtesy of Slife Productions

The Unfortunate Vacuum Cleaner Incident of 1956. Your dad’s first DIY haircut. The cold snap on the day you were born.

Granny’s been spinning yarns for years.

Ever wonder how they’re all knit together? Commission a digital biography by Jason Fifield.

With his laid-back manner and training in cultural anthropology, Fifield’s a pro at getting folks to spill. He expertly edits so you get real gems (not just Nana’s blabbering), and there’s no cheesy fade-outs or weird background music here.

For the best results, pick an offbeat setting (like a favorite park bench) or take a spin around the old neighborhood. On a budget? Fifield creates audio CDs. Or go for the gusto with DVDs that combine a collage of treasured photos and a video interview.

If you’re lucky, a few skeletons will come out of the closet.

Since she always spiels the beans.

Slife Productions (215-840-1767 or slifepros.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Slife Productions