Tip Your Hat

franklin fountain hat blocking!
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Once upon a time, a tattered homburg sat on a shelf. To the untrained eye, it was a piece of junk.

But Ryan Berley (head soda jerk at The Franklin Fountain) saw a diamond in the rough. He researched the country’s best haberdasheries, shipped off the ragged topper, and flipped for the results.

And thus, a middleman was born. Take your cloches, bowlers, and toques to the ice cream shop — and for a small fee, this guy who’s got a guy will have creases fixed, tight crowns stretched, and everything generally spruced up.

Why not do it yourself, you ask? No time, for one. And you can kill one task with two milk shakes, for another.

It’s a sweet way to get your hat stash in tip-top shape.

And another happy ending for the Brothers Brim.

Available at The Franklin Fountain, 116 Market Street (215-627-1899 or franklinfountainphilly.blogspot.com).

Photo: Getty Images

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