Caviar Dreams

spa east's caviar nail treatment!

You stopped fishing for compliments on fashion experiments when your best pal asked if you were up for Hobo of the Year.

But there’s no swimming upstream to get respect for caviar nails.

Spa East’s new finger-bedazzling service is a party-ready treatment and a fun way to spice up your manicure routine.

A technician starts by giving you a standard mani (one of the best we’ve had), then affixes two or three rhinestones to the painted nail to make an uneven surface. Then she puts little flat-on-one-side beads in the color of your choice on and around the stones. We suggest contrasting hues for the polish and beads or the all-black voodoo.

You can get them in a diagonal stripe, a cluster, or all over the nail bed. The results will definitely catch you some props.

Reely truly.

Available at Spa East, 1040 North Second Street, unit 301 (215-829-1009 or spa-east.net).

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1040 N 2nd St
unit 301
Philadelphia, PA 19123