Love, Actually

love letters!
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The last love letter you received came with a mix tape, pimply grin, and grammatical errors (“your really cool”).

And you still have it taped to your fridge.

Take your romantic notions this Friday to the Love Letters tour at The Rosenbach Museum & Library.

The lost art of passionate pen pals is up for discussion in the interactive exhibit, with original letters from poet John Keats to Fanny Brawne (who’s back in the spotlight after Bright Star), as well as forgeries of Shakespeare, telegraphs to Marlene Dietrich, and sweet nothings written by Martha Bloom.

And don’t expect just G-rated hugs and kisses: There are pieces that deal with jealousy, include racy details, or highlight the longing of a Civil War soldier.

Would you like to go?

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Love Letters, Friday, 3 p.m., at The Rosenbach Museum & Library, 2008 Delancey Street (215-732-1600 or rosenbach.org).

Photo: John Sadovy / Getty Images

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