The Sixth Sense

jimmie the psychic!
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You’ve got killer intuition. (Remember when it told you patterned tights would catch on like H1N1?)

Unfortunately, you never listen to it (get a flu shot yet?). Which is where Jimmie Bay comes in.

The South Philly psychic’s deadly accurate forecasts make up for your ignored inklings. His mother and grandmother were psychic, and he developed his powers at age 9.

Take pictures of loved ones to your appointment; he reads the photos, identifies the folks, and tells you if they’re good for you (in our case, he nailed them all). Bay also reads your palm, tarot cards, and the energy in your jewelry to tell you about significant events in your future and past.

Phone sessions are just as spot on, for those who don’t live nearby.

Spread the word.

Jimmie Bay (jimmiepalmist2@aol.com).

Photo: Getty Images