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the erotic literary salon!
Photos: Nickolas Muray / George Eastman House / Flickr

The last time someone read you a story, it involved three little pigs and a sadist.

For something that’ll really blow your house down, check out The Erotic Literary Salon.

Dr. Susana Mayer, an expert in human sexual desire and arousal, created the salon to help make erotica more mainstream. The idea: offer a place for writers, readers, and storytellers to explore the genre with their peers.

At each event, a featured presenter gets twenty minutes to share stories, poems, love letters, e-mails, or anything tantalizing. Then others are invited to take the stage and do the same. If comfortable, participants can just make up something on the spot.

Even if you don’t have a story, the performances may inspire you to explore your own fantasies.

Or at least head home for a huff and a puff.

The Erotic Literary Salon, December 15 (and the third Tuesday of each month), 7:30 p.m., at Time, 1315 Sansom Street, upstairs lounge (215-985-4800 or timerestaurant.net). For more information, go to theeroticsalon.com.

Photo: Nickolas Muray / George Eastman House / Flickr

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