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Ursula's About Phace sugaring!
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Between the company candy canes and the book club cookie exchange, you’ve just about OD’d on sugar.

But here’s one treat still worth considering: The sugaring hair removal treatment at Ursula’s About Phace.

After much tinkering, aesthetician Elina Safin came up with a recipe using sugar and lemon juice mixed with soothing lavender and naturally antiseptic tea tree oil.

First, she spreads the warm concoction on the offending area (it’s great for sensitive spots like the chin, upper lip, pits, or fuzzy arms), then she gently pulls it off with a gauze pad. Hair grows back more slowly than before, and Safin says repeated treatments improve the skin’s structure.

Plus, it doesn’t leave you with one less layer of skin like waxing, so it really doesn’t hurt.

And that’s sweet.

Available at Ursula’s About Phace, 1700 Sansom Street, suite 201 (215-557-1562 or aboutphace201.com).

Photo: Jupiter Images

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