Perchance to Dream

zivile pupinyte's jewelry!
Photos: Peggy Baud-Woolsey Photography

Your dreams consist of showing up at work naked, losing all your teeth, or performing in a circus with psychotic clowns.

Self-taught artist Zivile Pupinyte must have a better prescription. While slumbering, the local designer conjures up visual stories that inspire her original, daring jewelry.

Pupinyte makes each sustainable piece in Sleep-Series 1, her current collection, by hand. She uses a melange of materials: precious and semiprecious stones, lava rock, coral, seeds, shells, leather, and lace. The pieces, mostly necklaces, are very large, very architectural — yet somehow light and comfortable.

Draping a piece like the one-of-a-kind choker fashioned from a branch of raw coral across your throat will be a stunning start to your morning.

And almost enough to quiet the Ambien noise.

Available online at zivileart.com

Photo: Peggy Baud-Woolsey Photography