Emotion Sickness

emotions can be dangerous necklaces!
Photos: Sharif Pendleton

They make you chew your nails to the quick, unleash wild waterworks, and put your heart in the hands of scoundrels.

Yes, emotions can be dangerous.

Artist/designer/former web developer Sharif Pendleton must be similarly skeptical of the suckers, since he used the phrase to christen his line of acrylic and bamboo laser-cut necklaces.

Pendleton was recently emancipated from The Man and found himself casting about for a creative diversion. His aesthetic is minimal; his tone very much tongue-in-cheek. Look for hearts with cut-out nooses, knives, and guns in red or black enamel or natural colored bamboo.

But that’s not all: He has a collection of coasters, credit card holders, fabric, clocks, and lamps in the works.

We’re feelin’ it.

Available online at mastersofnone.org.

Photo: Sharif Pendleton