Fringe Benefits

shannon winter's eyelash extensions!
Photos: Jupiter Images

Blinking back tears. Making innocent doe eyes. You’ve tried just about anything to get out of a speeding ticket.

Except extending your lashes’ batting average.

And with your driving record, a visit to Shannon Winter can’t hurt. The ace aesthetician/makeup artist based in South Philly affixes falsies in her home studio.

Winter applies lashes one by one to your closed eyes with zero ouch factor. Since she’s so meticulous, she can give you a natural, bare-bones look; high drama; or something in between.

Just remember to shower beforehand (the adhesive needs 24 to 48 hours to set), and the lashes will stay on tight for weeks. But they’re so lightweight, you’ll barely notice a thing.

Only that you’re stopping traffic.

Shannon Winter (215-888-6303 or flowerpower1969@msn.com).

Photo: Jupiter Images