What's Yours Is Theirs

ifrogz tadpole ipod covers!

Look at your little guy being so polite and taking turns on the swing set. Well done, Mom. Don’t you think young Mr. Generous deserves a few minutes of playtime with your iPod as a reward?

Don’t worry about the 4,392 precious songs you have stored there; the iFrogz Tadpole case converts your grown-up media player into a pint-size but well-protected entertainment center.

The thick silicone coating cocoons your prized possession, and big handles make it easy for toddlers to grip. Add a plastic overlay to shield your screen and customize the click-wheel with a graphic insert. Matching earphones designed to fit little noggins complete the package. Upload cartoons and kidlet tracks, then savor the ensuing moments of quiet.

Available online at ifrogz.com.

this week in philadelphia!

Adopt-an-Artifact Day

What: Claim “ownership” of the cat mummy, Foo lions, and other favorite antiquities ($35-$400) and your donation will go toward maintaining the museum’s collection.
Why: They’ll dig the craft projects and scavenger hunt, too.
When: Sat., 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Where: Penn Museum, 3260 South St. (215-898-4001). For more info, call 215-898-5093. Adults, $10; children, $6; under 6, free.

Philadelphia International Children’s Festival
What: Check out the annual bonanza packed with family-friendly theater performances.
Why: Stretch out between shows with jugglers, dancers, and more at The Fun Zone.
When: Tues.-Sat.
Where: Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, 3680 Walnut St. (215-898-6701). Tickets at 215-898-3900 or online at annenbergcenter.org. Adults and children, $10.


What: A Philly-based mom and pop’s new site where parents share healthy, easy-to-make recipes that’ll please even picky eaters.
Why: Four stars for pita pizzas, rainbow pasta, and buttermilk blueberry pancakes.
When: It’s munch time.
Where: Online at tastebudding.com.

Photo: Courtesy of iFrogz

3260 South St
@ 33rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19104
3680 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104