5 Wedding Accessories for Munchkins

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Gear

flower girl and ring bearer gear!

When your darling toddler cousin crawls and barks her way down the aisle (true story), make sure she at least looks cute.

maihar design ring bearer pillows!Keep It Comfy
Have your ring sit on a Maihar Design silk cushion ($95-$130). Customizable ribbons let you keep with your color scheme down to the last tuft.
ulrika bogo flower girl dress!Flower Child
Left to her own desires, she’d resemble a walking ball of tulle. Deflate volume with Ulrika Bogo’s made-to-order silk frock ($135-$275).
marie-chantal ring bearer suits!Handsome Devil
Ideal world: The cream linen suit ($105-$340) from Marie-Chantal makes it through spot free. Real world: Consider the navy blazer.
baby by stevie ring bearer bow ties!Frat Start
Plant the preppy seed early with a Baby by Stevie bow tie ($15). The seersucker beauts come pretied and have Velcro clasps, in case he gets hot.
emersonmade ring bearer boutonniere!The Small Stuff
Skip pointy boutonniere pins for EmersonMade’s charming linen version with tie-tack closure ($25). It works for groomsmen, too.

Photos: Cria-cow / Flickr; Courtesy of Maihar Design; Courtesy of Ulrika Bogo; Courtesy of Marie-Chantal; Courtesy of Baby by Stevie; Courtesy of EmersonMade