Leather Jackets, Scarves, Shirts, and Skirts from Hare+Hart

Hare+Hart's Leather Collection

hare+hart launches!

You need more leather in your life and not in an S&M kind of way; man’s first fabric is particularly in for fall. Start by stuffing your closet with Hare+Hart, a just-launched collection of leather essentials.

Designers Jennie Engelhardt and Emily Harrison met in college. Postgraduation, Engelhardt did stints at Luca Luca and Stuart Weitzman, while Harrison worked as a wine broker in Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, they dreamed of their own project: a clothing line made from Argentine leather.

When Hart visited Hare down South, the idea became a reality. Now they split their time between Manhattan’s Lower East Side and B.A., designing pieces that transform the way you think leather can be worn.

The Cowling scarf looks great gathered at the neck or draped loosely around your shoulders. Amp up your everyday tee with the Evans V-neck, which has a front leather strip and back zipper detail. Throw on the Leighton skirt to flatter your fanny and top it off with the sleek Schiller jacket.

Sustainable production practices include using grass-fed, free-roaming cows; biodegradable acetate linings; and ensuring workers are paid fair wages with benefits.

Available online at hareandhart.com and haydenharnett.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Hare+Hart