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5 Gifts for Top Chefs and Microwave Mavens

Kitchen Kapers's Gourmet Delights


You’ll find something for every diner on your list at Kitchen Kapers, a welcoming spot packed with all things culinary.

Babushkups Nesting Glasses, $20
The minuscule kitchen your Brooklyn-dwelling BFF shares with two roommates doesn’t leave her much storage space. However, adorable cups won’t crowd the cupboards.

CDN Digital Tea Thermometer and Timer, $20
Grandma’s stories told over intimate mugs of Earl Grey are priceless. The handy gadget ensures cups aren’t scalding or too tepid and easily controls the strength of each brew.

Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan, $40
Mom never burns a cookie, and her pies deserve a prize. But it’s her legendary blondies (with the crunchy corner pieces) that always cause a scuffle. The pan’s clever mazelike dividers help create confections with more of that crispy texture the whole family loves.

Tortilla Press, $20
If the endless stream of delivery boys has her neighbors wondering, surprise your takeout-happy cousin with the easy-to-use appliance. She’ll soon be turning out burritos and soft tacos faster than she can speed-dial the Mexican joint down the block.

SodaStream Penguin Starter Kit, $210
Though she’s no longer head cheerleader, your bubbly sister’s personality still lifts everyone’s spirits. With the deluxe seltzer maker, she can mix drinks that are every bit as effervescent as she is.

Kitchen Kapers, 213 South 17th Street (215-546-8059); 8530 Germantown Avenue (215-242-2866); Suburban Square, 90 Coulter Avenue, Ardmore (610-649-6142 or kitchenkapers.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Kitchen Kapers

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Kitchen Kapers
90 Coulter Ave
Ardmore, PA 19003
213 S 17th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103
8530 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19118