Get Energized with Holistic Therapist Ashley King

Stop and Drink the Flowers


In past attempts to de-stress and get creative juices flowing, you’ve experimented with medicinal herbs a time or two (we don’t judge).

But flower imbibing? That’s a little hard-core.

Allow floral guru Ashley King to change (and expand) your mind. During her Energy Healing Combo Session ($100), the experienced practitioner pairs flower essence therapy with Reiki to relieve stubborn mental and emotional blocks.

To start, you answer a few questions to help determine which plants best suit your needs (waratah for a case of the blues, boronia to combat anxiety). Based on your responses — as well as a swinging pendulum that hovers above the ideal combination — King prepares a tincture for you to sip over several weeks. Then she conducts an intense Reiki session, laying her hands on different parts of the body to restore energy levels and promote clarity.

Still skeptical? She’s also a trained psychotherapist.

Making this just what the doctor ordered.

Ashley King, 201 South Camac Street (215-900-0072 or ashleykingtherapy.com).

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