Change Your Luck with a Portable Fortitude Deck

Corina Dross's Talisman Cards

corina dross playing cards!

Boarding a plane makes you break out in hives, and tall grass gives you the shakes.

Not playing with a full deck? Corina Dross’s Portable Fortitude: 54 Talismans for Home and Abroad cards will help you deal. Each intricately inked charm is a poetic cure for a common affliction (cynicism, heartbreak).

Hoard them all (they come in handy for poker or gin rummy) or dole them out to friends in need. Got a pal who refuses to wear a helmet? Slip Protection from Bicycle Mishap into her messenger bag. For that buddy warding off bedbugs (yuck), snail mail Protection from Infestation.

Don’t see one that applies? Dross will happily create a custom card ($100 and up) to address specific quirks.

Because clearly you have those in spades.

Available online at corinadross.com, $16. Through March 1, view her work at Space 2033, 2033 Frankford Avenue (267-679-3199).

Artwork: Courtesy of Corina Dross

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