Get an Even Tan at Arrow Swim Club

Your New Summer Home

arrow swim club!

Last summer your sexy driver’s tan took months to even out. Perfect allover color at Arrow Swim Club, the city’s first 21-and-over outdoor oasis opening May 1.

The four-and-half-foot-deep pool won’t be home to lap swimming. Instead expect movie screenings, yoga, and cocktails.

Log in a few hours of work (if you must), then lock your laptop inside a cabana while you take a much-deserved dip. The posh tents come outfitted with Blu-Ray players, video games, and mini fridges that can be stocked for your arrival. Don’t forget about the valet parking and poolside massages.

A word to your freeloader pals: The strict guest policy limits hangers-on to crashing three times all season.

This luxury ain’t cheap — we’re talking a cool grand. But avoiding splash-crazed rug rats and the incessant drone of Marco Polo is priceless.

Arrow Swim Club, 1031 Germantown Avenue (215-606-7402). Space is limited; apply online at arrowswimclub.com.

Artwork: Courtesy of Arrow Swim Club

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1031 Germantown Ave
@ N Hancock St
Philadelphia, PA 19123