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The Perfect Fish Taco Recipe

The Perfect Fish Taco Recipe

Chef Sam Talbot Shows Us How It’s Done

Thanks for a great week, weather. We especially appreciate the frizzy hair, inside-out umbrella, and near-constant inability to catch a cab.

But we have something to make it all better: a fish taco tutorial with handsome chef Sam Talbot. (And, yes, he really is as much of a feast for the eyes as his food is for the belly.)

Talbot, who was a Top Chef semifinalist, is now head chef at Imperial No. Nine. He spent years perfecting his recipe — from cooking the halibut just right to making sure it doesn’t fall out of the tortilla. (“My friends would give me a really hard time for that.”) He even gave us the recipe for the relish he uses.

In today’s video, he cooks on a flattop grill, or plancha, but the instructions carry over to an outdoor charcoal or gas grill, should you have a Memorial Day cookout.

Or cook-in, as the case may be.

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