Sexy Bachelor Pad Interior Design

Sexy Bachelor Pad Interior Design

Sex Sells

You know the story: Boy meets girl. Boy woos girl. Boy takes girl back to boy’s apartment, where girl is mortified by the unflushed toilet and mysterious sofa stains.

If you like someone it doesn’t matter (right?). But we still think interior design firm Sexy Bachelor Pad is onto something.

In today’s video, founder Kimberlee Paige Hanson talks about the process from consultation to finished product. She also shows us around her latest Soho project — yes, the owner plays guitar. No, it’s not John Mayer (thank god).

Contrary to the name, Sexy Bachelor Pad is happy to take on projects for bachelorettes.

So boy and girl can both get lucky.

For more information, go to sexybachelorpad.com. The first three people to correctly submit the colors/patterns of the lingerie we placed throughout the video will get a bra from Linda’s Bra Salon.

Music by: Erin McKeown and Hugh Cornwell