Cuerpaso Workout

Cuerpaso Workout

Gonna Make You Sweat

Regarding the past month and a half: You came. You saw. You ate — everything in sight.

And now Santa’s not the only one with a jelly belly.

Take that belt back a few notches with Cuerpaso, a 50-minute workout that combines soccer and Latin dance for an ass-kicking you’ll never forget. (After the first time, your legs will kill.)

In today’s video, Tadeo Arnold, the sweet-as-he-is-muscled creator, gives us a taste of his fitness regimen. Right now, he’s offering six weeks of the class for just $100 at Reebok’s swanky UWS location — no membership required.

After the series is over, he promises you’ll be able to rock a thong on the beach with pride.

Just don’t let him know you’re stocking the cooler with pie.

Available at Reebok Sports Club/NY, 160 Columbus Avenue, at 67th Street (212-362-6800). Classes run every Thursday, 5:30-6:20 p.m., for six weeks, starting January 14. To reserve a spot, call 212-501-1476.