DailyCandy Deals Purchase Policy

    DailyCandy Deals are promotional vouchers made available by DailyCandy, LLC ("DailyCandy"), that may be purchased from featured merchants or restaurants (for purposes of these terms, together “Merchant”) to be used in exchange for goods and services. The merchant is the seller of the voucher(s) and is solely responsible for redeeming the voucher(s).

    DailyCandy Deals will only be available at deals.dailycandy.com (the "Website"), not from Merchants directly.

    DailyCandy accepts all major credit cards for Deals. Payment processing is performed in compliance with Payment Card Industry standards using encrypted data.

    After you purchase a Deal, you will be provided with a link to a voucher, and an email with a link (in case you want to print the voucher later). You’ll need to bring the voucher with you to redeem it.

    Each DailyCandy Deal will be subject to the DailyCandy terms and conditions available at http://www.dailycandy.com/terms.jsp, and subject to any Merchant conditions or restrictions provided with each individual Deal. By buying a DailyCandy Deal, purchaser agrees to comply with all such terms and conditions.

    Vouchers must be redeemed in one use. Remaining balances, if any, will not be refunded or available for use at a later date.

    Use of Restaurant-Specific Vouchers towards alcoholic beverages is at the sole discretion of the Restaurant and is subject to compliance with applicable law.

    Vouchers cannot be combined with any other vouchers, third party certificates, coupons, or promotions, unless otherwise specified by Merchant.

    Vouchers cannot be used for taxes, tips or prior balances, unless permitted by the Merchant.

    Reproduction, sale or trade of Vouchers is prohibited unless done so in compliance with applicable law.

    Any attempted redemption not consistent with these terms and conditions will render the Voucher null and void.

    Void to the extent prohibited by law.

    DailyCandy’s liability in connection with a DailyCandy Deal shall not exceed the amount paid by an individual purchaser for such Deal. Total aggregate liability arising out of or related to any DailyCandy Deal shall not exceed the amount paid by the purchaser during the six months preceding the bringing of any claim.

    DailyCandy is not responsible for any lost or stolen Deals vouchers, except as required by law. In certain circumstances, DailyCandy may replace lost or stolen vouchers with proof of purchase acceptable to DailyCandy.

    DailyCandy Deals are for personal, non-commercial use and enjoyment only. They may be shared or gifted to family and friends, but may not be advertised, sold or used as promotional items by the purchaser or anyone else without DailyCandy’s prior written consent. DailyCandy shall have the right to void any DailyCandy vouchers subject to unauthorized advertisement, sale or promotional use without permission.

    Each purchaser of a DailyCandy Deal shall be solely responsible for interactions with the Merchant providing the voucher for that Deal, and purchaser hereby releases DailyCandy from any and all claims and/or liability related to any product, food, or service of a Merchant, as well as any action or inaction by a Merchant.

    DailyCandy Deals’ Purchase Policy is also subject to the DailyCandy Terms of Use and its Privacy Policy.

    FAQs for consumers are available here and FAQs for Merchants can be located here.

    DailyCandy may change (add to, delete, or amend) these terms from time to time. Unless we state otherwise, the changes will apply to any DailyCandy Deals going forward.

Your purchase or use of DailyCandy Deals shall be deemed your agreement to these Terms.