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Frozen Yogurt? Breast, Please!

The Mother of All Fro-Yo Parlors

frozen yogurt!

Sourcing ingredients within 100 miles of a restaurant is so three years ago.

Jessica Laitte, owner of the just-opened Milkmaid in the Haight, takes local to a new level, using her very own breast milk to make frozen yogurt. She’s also recruited a team of lactating ladies to pump milk for her dessert operation.

Given breast milk’s natural tang, the resulting yogurt has a pleasant tartness. Try flavors like Oreola (with house-made chocolate sandwich cookies), fresh Mint Chocolate Nip, and seasonally rotating fruit concoctions (like this month’s Giant Melons).

Enjoy your yogurt (available in A, B, C, or D cup sizes) in a round, pillowy booth, or press yourself into a spot at the Cleavage Bar.

And if you believe this story is real, well, we hope you don’t feel like a total boob.

April Fools’!

Milkmaid, 34D Brassiere Street, at Gland Avenue (415-555-2662).

Photo: VirtualErn / Flickr