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Get Out of the Plastic Bubble

Drink from an Ecofriendly Bkr Glass Water Bottle

bkr ecofriendly glass water bottles!

A certain young Dustin Hoffman character was ahead of his time when he didn’t want to work in plastics.

Your water-drinking habits need to come of age, too: Ditch your environmentally reckless plastic bottle compulsion and opt for a sustainable, locally made glass Bkr instead.

The sleek vessels combine function and design beautifully: Each one comes with one of four vibrant, 100 percent recyclable, nontoxic silicone sleeves for grip and a cap made from food-grade polypropylene. The whole package is dishwasher safe and easy to tote, and glass means that outside materials and flavors won’t creep into your water.

Drink up knowing Bkr will donate a portion of its proceeds to initiatives dedicated to solving the global water crisis.

See? You’re ready to graduate.

Available online at mybkr.com, $28. DailyCandy readers can order with exclusive code 810200.

Photo: Courtesy of Bkr

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