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The Delfina Team Goes South

Roman Fare at Locanda in the Mission

locanda restaurant san francisco!

Once upon a time, the Delfina team took a trip to Rome (literally and figuratively).

Craig and Annie Stoll were so entranced by the Eternal City that they decided to open a modern trattoria on Valencia, decked out with white tile, light hardwood floors, dark wainscoting, raised walnut tables, and a custom steel chandelier.

Starting tomorrow, people will come from far and wide to sample chef Anthony Strong’s pastas with four classic sauces (cacio e pepe, carbonara, amatriciana, gricia), offal (fried veal sweetbreads with artichokes) inspired by Rome’s meatpacking district, and grilled lamb with anchovy and coriander — all made in a long, open kitchen outfitted with a guanciale case.

Wine glasses filled with selections from all over the Roman Empire will clink with ice-cold cocktail glasses out of which diners will sip Italian-inspired drinks (grappa with peach, lemon, egg, and bitters).

And they’ll eat happily ever after.

Locanda, 557 Valencia Street, between 16th and 17th Streets (415-863-6800 or locandasf.com).

Photo: Eric Wolfinger / Courtesy of Locanda

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557 Valencia St
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