General Tokyo, We Salute You

Handcrafted, Military-Inspired Jewelry

general tokyo jewelry!

Army Barracks, 0600 Hours

General Tokyo: Atten-tion! Corporal Jane, what’s with the dumbfounded look? Get in line or drop and give me 50!

GI Jane:
Sir, yes, sir! I couldn’t help but notice those amazingly cool pendants you’re wearing. Those shapes are straight from the field — the gun, knife, even a bullet, sir. And such intricate detail! Are those hand-cast solid brass, sir?

GT: They are, Corporal. On a brass bead chain. I’ve even attached my own dog tags to better identify them. And I carry them around in green burlap envelopes to remind me of the corps.

J: You made them yourself, sir?

I did, Corporal. Back home in San Francisco.

J: Permission to speak freely, sir?

GT: Granted.

J: Those are some badass-looking baubles … sir.

GT: At ease, Corporal.

Available at Eden & Eden, 560 Jackson Street, at Columbus Avenue (415-983-0490 or
edenandeden.com), $95. To see styles, go to mac.com.

Photos: Courtesy of General Tokyo

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