Take Your Workout into the Great Outdoors

4 Ways to Think Outside the Gym

outside fitness!

Spring cleaning doesn’t apply just to your pad. No matter what your usual routine, air out your workouts by taking them outdoors.

If you like: Walking on the treadmill.
Try: An Urban Hike with AlterCenter. The SoMa studio’s Friday-morning excursions take you over hills and through hidden side streets. Because the location changes every week, you won’t get bored.

If you like: Yoga.
Try: Getting a group of friends together for a private outing with Hiking Yoga. You and up to fourteen pals will get in your cardio with a vigorous hike interspersed with poses, great views of the city, and rewarding yourselves at your favorite brunch or dinner spot.

If you like: Being a gym rat (you do it all, from kickboxing to conditioning).
Try: Workout on the Hill. Mix it up at this outdoor boot camp near Bernal Hill, which combines cardio, weight training, drills, yoga, games, and more for all-around conditioning. Sessions are just $20 (or less if you buy a package), and the workouts are never repeated.

If you like: Chatting with people at the water fountain.
Try: Disc Golf in Golden Gate Park. The object? To throw a Frisbee into a basket or at a target at a nine-“hole” course. If that isn’t a conversation starter, we don’t know what is.

Photo: Anouk de Maar / Getty Images

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