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How to Become a Dairy Queen

Cheese-Making Classes from The Milk Maid

san francisco milk maid cheese!

June has arrived, which means wedding season is upon us. (Brides, feel free to squeal; attendants may roll their eyes.)

This time, trade in the Bridesmaids-style bachelorette shenanigans for a gathering that’s more rewarding than risque: namely, a cheese-making class from Louella Hill, a.k.a. The Milk Maid.

Consider the well-traveled Brown grad, who trained in Italian cheese production, your minister of curd-churning expertise. Whether you’re betrothed to goat, cow, or sheep’s milk, rest assured her knowledge is equal opportunity.

Those with cold feet can try the beginner-friendly yogurt and kefir class, a lesson in probiotic goodness that puts Jaime Lee Curtis to shame. Get physical with the Mozz Stretch — perfect for buffing up those biceps for the big day. Or, if you’re ready to commit, say yes to the four-course series at 18 Reasons this summer, which even tackles building your own cheese cave.

Because when it comes to cheese, we do. We always do.

The Milk Maid (sfmilkmaid@gmail.com or sfmilkmaid.com). To book the 18 Reasons series, go to brownpapertickets.com, $144.

Photo: Courtesy of The Milk Maid