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Note to Self

We need to talk. You’ve neglected, ahem, down there. He says he doesn’t notice — but he mistook it for a merkin (not the purse).

Book an appointment immediately with aesthetician Thy (pronounced “tea”) Pham Desogos. The Brazilian specialist does wonders with wax and can shape up your nether region in no time.

You’re no stranger to the southern continent, but even if you were, fear not: Seasoned vets and virgins alike herald Desogos for her near-painless technique. Using a combo of soft and hard wax, she guarantees easy removal without discomfort (nary an ingrown in sight).

She’s even got a blog on the subject, for your burning questions or timid queries. And if getting stripped isn’t your thing, her custom facials will put you in a whole other state of bliss.

Now that’s smooth.

Aria Skin & Body, 660 Market Street, between Montgomery and Kearny Streets, suite 225 (415-250-5340 or ariaskinandbody.com). Check out Desogos’s blog online at brazilianwaxspecialist.wordpress.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Aria Skin & Body

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