How to Be a Smart Gardener

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Smart Gardener’s Notable Moments

1984: Founder Kristee Rosendahl joins a wee company called Apple, pads her portfolio with smart designs and products for the people.

2004: Rosendahl heads north to Healdsburg to put down roots — literally. Scours volumes in search of sustainable gardening advice; little time actually spent in the garden.

2011: From frustration came inspiration. Smart Gardener is sown online, sprouting forth tips, recipes, and more.

Present day: Rosendahl’s website takes the guesswork out of gardening, which leads to horticultural success. A genius algorithm takes visitors’ info and creates customized plans (specialized to space, climate, household, and desired plants). Smart Gardener emails weekly to-do’s for a near fail-proof set of priorities.

Future: Users go easily from soil to supper. Smart Gardener blossoms.

Available online at smartgardener.com.

Photo: Chris J. Price / Getty Images