Try an Island Massage at Hyde Street Wellness

Let Mai Trieu Walk All Over You

island massage!

Doormat, may we have a word? You bitch about people walking all over you, but we’re a step ahead of your shenanigans.

We just dropped into Hyde Street Wellness for an Island Massage with pint-size therapist Mai Trieu. After generously lathering us up with oils, she spent a solid hour not only walking but sliding along our prone frame.
Mais, pourquoi?

Trieu specializes in a rare traditional Thai massage. She learned the art at age 19, and eight years of experience show in her technique: She reaches every knotty nook with her agile extremities; her body weight applied the perfect amount of pressure.
Oh la la.

Exactly. It feels like deep tissue and Swedish massages went on an exotic vacation — which is more than we can say for you. You just lie around all day.
Oui, c’est vrai.

You really should stand up for yourself.

Available at Hyde St. Wellness Cooperative, 815 Hyde Street, between Bush and Sutter Streets, suite b (415-806-6899 or hydewellness.com).

Photo: Gareth Hopson / Courtesy of Hyde St. Wellness Cooperative

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