San Francisco: the Game

Your Mission Starts Now

san francisco fisherman's wharf!

I. Operation Name: San Francisco: the Game

II. Brief: A text message-based scavenger hunt-slash-walking tour of the city’s hidden corners. Earn points as you survey historical sites and attractions, and discover secret locales in the most distinctly San Francisco neighborhoods (Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Haight Ashbury, and North Beach are preliminary targets), delivered via clues to your mobile device.

III. Details: Founder Avi Millman conquered the East Coast with his tours and now plans for western domination. Test tours proved successful, and the official launch is underway as of 0000 hours.

IV. Coordinates: Classified. Enroll online for $12 to start your mission immediately. Upon payment, you’ll receive an activation code and your start location. The duration of your duty is two to three hours, but you’re allotted a full month for completion.

V. Supplies: Adventurous friends, worthy opponents, and your most trusted text message-enabled gadget.

San Francisco: the Game (877-787-2929 or sanfranciscothegame.com).

Photo: Appleping / Getty Images