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Local Brewing Co.'s Kickstarter Run to End

Hops to It

glen park ale by local brewing co.!

Field Guide to Truly Local Beer

Latin name: Tasteus brewus.
Family: Frosty beveragidae.
Habitat: Select friendly watering holes around the city like Piccino. Last expected sighting at Pi Bar this weekend.
Origin: The garage (no joke).

Tap into Local Brewing Co.’s Glen Park Pale Ale (originally derived in Regan Long and Sarah Fenson’s garage), the city’s first crowd-sourced local beer.

First, the genealogy: The two rolled their coolers to Dolores Park with several home-brewed potions to get an accurate sampling of hoppy preference. This floral pale ale won by a landslide, and with it the duo launched on Kickstarter in an attempt to build a brewery based on local preferences (from the beers on tap to the size of the brewery).

After plentiful pints enjoyed around the city, Glen Park Pale Ale nears extinction — they’ll tap the final keg and (ideally) celebrate reaching their goal this weekend.

Help ensure the continuation of this species by funding them on Kickstarter until July 25.

Kickstarter party this Sunday, 4-7 p.m., at Pi Bar, 1432 Valencia Street, between 25th and 26th Streets. To learn more about Local Brewing Co. and help fund the project, go to kickstarter.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Local Brewing Co.

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