Make a New Friend at an Outgoing.me Dinner

A Blind Date Worth Signing Up For

outgoing.me launches!

You arrive at the designated restaurant alone, scanning for familiar faces. It feels like the first day of school, except you drove yourself, and someone is handing you a cocktail.

Just as doubt sinks in, you spot it — a table of strangers smiling at you, waving you over. No, you haven’t embarked on a Harold Camping cult meeting, but rather one of many dinners organized by start-up Outgoing.me.

The gist? To bring like-minded people together for themed dinners around their favorite topics, from literature over Thai or a most stylish pizza party to a workout-themed nightlife at the Cal Academy (outdoor dinners with a movie in the park and cooking classes are coming soon). Simply pay up front, arrive on time, and let the conversation ride. The only guarantee is that you’ll leave with more friends than whence you came.

Aren’t you the most popular kid in class?

To sign up, go to outgoing.me.

Photo: Blend Images / Moxie Productions / Getty Images