Skin Remedy Has Your Prescription

Botanically Based Facials and Waxing

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Ten Steps to an Ideal Facial

1. Visit Justine Kahn’s blissful second-story salon in a converted Cow Hollow farmhouse.

2. If she directs you to get naked and in bed, oblige.

3. Kahn lathers you up with organic, all-edible, botanically based products.

4. Surrender as she massages your neck and shoulders into submission.

5. After prepping skin for the next phase (extractions!), she works your arms and hands into putty and wraps them in warm mitts for a softening treatment.

6. With an extractor, she clears your pores, sans damage or inflammation.

7. Zit-zapping time: A high-frequency wand lays the smackdown on bacteria to clear skin. A soothing cold globe face massage follows.

8. Try not to eat the mask of green herbs and grasses, organic goat milk, and honey.

9. Pass out during the ten-minute foot massage.

10. Slowly peel yourself off the bed. Book your next appointment.

Skin Remedy, 2040 Union Street, between Webster and Buchanan Streets (415-810-0065 or skinremedysf.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Skin Remedy

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