A Modern Wardrobe Companion

Ashley Buchanan's Handcrafted Jewelry

ashley buchanan jewelry!

Dearest Wardrobe,

Perhaps we’ve been together too long. Our love seems worn, dated, not so fresh.

We need to spice things up, which is why we should go à trois with Ashley Buchanan’s impactful jewelry.

The Georgia native holds degrees in both metalsmithing and jewelry design, clearly reflected in the intricately manipulated shapes and fine metalwork of her pieces. Striking collars, bold cuffs, and statement-making earrings made from hand-cut brass and sterling silver are at once delicate and sleek.

Thanks to a minimalist powder-coated palette (white, black, and gray) they won’t compete with you, just complement. The overall feel is that of a more contemporary companion. Plus, Buchanan does custom work.

You know what they say: Three’s company.

Available at Love & Luxe, 1169 Valencia Street, between 22nd and 23rd Streets. To see styles, go to ashleybuchananjewelry.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Buchanan

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Love & Luxe
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