Photobooth Opens on Valencia

Polaroids and Tintypes Made Modern

photobooth san francisco!

Instantaneous photo uploading from your mobile device is a generational feat, but getting your drunken mug tagged on Facebook in real time? Not the best use of technology.

To really make memories, forego high tech and opt for something that lasts a lifetime longer than any status update: an artistically retro snapshot from Photobooth, opening Saturday on Valencia.

Fulfill your old-school portraiture needs (Polaroids and tintypes) at the new shop brought to you by local photogs Vince Donovan and Michael Shindler. Sure, Polaroids are awesome, but the Civil War-era tintype process might be the newest oldest thing around.

Defriend connotations of cowboy garb and covered wagon props; Shindler’s work is modern and striking. The procedure (sitters hold a pose for about three seconds) is relaxed and the result is an original work of art, chemically exposed within ten minutes onto a commemorative metal sheet (no negatives) with its own natural, beautiful blemishes.

Feel free to expose yourself.

Photobooth, 1193 Valencia Street, at 23rd Street (415-824-1248 or photoboothsf.com). Grand opening party, Saturday, 6-9:30 p.m.; R.S.V.P. to rsvp@photoboothsf.com.

 Photos: Michael Shindler / Courtesy of Photobooth

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1193 Valencia St
@ 23rd St
San Francisco, CA 94110