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Shake Your Bonbon with Bacetti Gelato Bites

Conquer Your Sweet Tooth (or Don't)

bacetti gelato bites!

Steps to Sweet Tooth Control

1. Eat your weight in full-fat ice cream.

2. Endure a painful (not to mention shameful) reminder that you’re borderline lactose intolerant.

3. Find a dessert substitute in Bacetti’s gelato bites, Cedric and Alexandra Di Donato’s ode to their half-Italian heritage. (The brother-and-sister team imported the recipe from their native Italy.)

4. Haul ass to the new brick-and-mortar store in SOMA and buy a perfectly portioned six-pack of each flavor: vanilla crema, chocolate mousse, and traditional Il Classico (milk with roasted pine nuts).

6. Unwrap each two-bite morsel to reveal a crisp, dark chocolate shell covering creamy goodness.

7. Exercise self-control easily with prepackaged rations.

8. Alternatively, inhale an entire box and throw guilt to the ice cream counter. (Each Bacetti is just 60 calories.)

9. Pat yourself on the back.

Available at Bacetti, 685 Harrison Street, at 3rd Street (415-512-1020 or bacetti.com), $6 for a six-pack.

Photo: Courtesy of Bacetti

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