Le Dîner à San Francisco

Bring Your Beret Blanc

diner en blanc san francisco!

I. Operation: Le Dîner à San Francisco.

II. Brief: You and up to three friends — and 3,496 other San Franciscans — prepare your favorite picnic fare, don your finest white attire, and descend upon an outdoor space (within city limits) for the most extravagant, exciting, top-secret picnic the Bay has ever seen.

III. Details: A local restaurateur and his highly specialized industry cohorts have brought this originally Parisian event overseas for SF’s pleasure. Your task is to coordinate your party’s meal and supplies (table, chairs, plates, linens, utensils) or opt for on-site rentals and catered picnic baskets by Le Garage, stocked with champagne, meats and cheeses, and French desserts ($175 for four people).

IV. Go Time: October 14.

V. Coordinates: Classified. Sign up immediately and await your invitation (location details included). If admitted, you’ll choose one of 30 dining divisions within the designated space, all named after French cities.

VI. Preparation: BYOEverything and leave no trace behind.

Forge your feast at ledinerasanfrancisco, $10 per operative.

Photo: artie* / Flickr

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