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Travel-Inspired Necklaces and Bracelets

marisa haskell's global jewelry!

Marisa Haskell went to Mexico after college to:
a) surf and fish the days away.
b) work in an antiques store.
c) start a jewelry line.
d) all of the above.

Answer: d.

Haskell turned a love of traditional craftsmanship and slow days on the job into inspiration and technical expertise (respectively), and a line of durable yet elegant (read: surf-ready) leather necklaces and bracelets.

Years of tutelage under her designer grandmother, plus meticulous testing of fishing ties on leather strips, led to Haskell’s prowess with her material of choice. Handmade African beads, brass accents, raw diamonds, and tiny gemstones add touches of adornment.

Each piece is named after a geographical location that suggests its feeling. Craggy K2 (made from Tibetan quartz) evokes the icy mountain; Atacama’s tribal bib protects against its namesake desert’s harsh conditions; flirt with Santiago’s fringe.

Who knew a relaxing vacay could be so productive?

Marisa Haskell, 470d 49th Street, Oakland (510-325-0019 or marisahaskell.com), $52-$254.

Photo: Courtesy of Marisa Haskell

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