On Board with Off Your Plate

Help You Need and Can Afford

off your plate!

Scenario 1: Long hours at work have left your abode in a state of organizational anarchy, and you haven’t seen your beloved boots in months.

Scenario 2: PB&J on a pita and a handful of wrinkled blueberries again today. Must. buy. groceries.

Scenario 3: You’ve been pegged with the honor of hosting your favorite friend of a friend’s birthday brunch (damn your accommodating apartment).

Relax. Jenn Shull, founder of Off Your Plate, has your back.

With a combined 30 years of project management experience in every field applicable to your sanity, she and her team are poised to change your life. Whether it’s grabbing groceries, coordinating a move, or throwing a dinner party, they’ll make it happen with minimal impact on your everyday existence.

Plus, they pride themselves on trustworthiness and working within your budget, so you know you’re in good hands.

First order of business? Those boots.

Off Your Plate (415-706-7160 or offyourplatesf.com).

Photo: Getty Images