Stellar Spa's Seawater Negative Ion Inhalation Therapy Room

Ultimate Relaxation Awaits

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We’d like to tell you about a room. It’s a special room where magical things happen.

No, it’s not the Apple Store. The otherworldly locale we speak of is the Seawater Negative Ion Inhalation Therapy room at Corte Madera’s Stellar Spa, now booking massages.

Let us explain. Research shows that exposure to a high concentration of negative ions creates feelings of well-being and relaxation (biochemically speaking).

Outfitted with the triple threat of a seawater mister, negative-ion emitter, and soft black lights, Stellar Spa’s navy blue retreat replicates the calming effects of the ocean (so it might just conjure memories of a week at the beach). Leave the mecca of mellow a shadow of your formerly overstressed self. Of course, the full-body massage, complete with warming pads and lotion, doesn’t hurt either.

But that may be the ions talking.

Stellar Spa, 26 Tamalpais Drive, at Serra Street, Corte Madera (415-924-7300 or stellarspa.com).

Photo: Gustavo Fernández / Courtesy of Stellar Spa

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26 Tamalpais Dr
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