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AQ Restaurant's Got Seasonal Spin

Fine Dining You Can Afford in SoMa

aq restaurant san francisco!

Sung to the tune of “Girl for All Seasons,” from Grease 2 (oh, you love it).

They’ll be your meal for all seasons, we’re talking AQ,
Approachable fine dining,
Seasonal, from decor (really) to the menu, AQ.

They’ll be yours by Friday: Make a reservation quick,
Walk through the catwalk entry to see the exposed brick,
And at the bar, you’ll have a drink by Tim from the Alembic.

They’ll be your meal for all seasons, we’re talking AQ,
The chef’s from La Folie,
Get the duck; he’ll wow you with the pumpkin custard, too, at AQ.

Since it’s fall, all around you’ll see, branches from a manzanita tree,
Vintage lights, glasses by Libbey,
An “Autumn” plaque afoot at the entry.

They’ll be yours for dinner, lunch, and brunch in a few weeks more,
They’ll have wines from global vineyards, when you need a healthy pour,
Take a glass down below the crowd to the lounge on the ground floor.

Yes, they’ll be everything to you.

AQ, 1085 Mission Street, between 6th and 7th Streets (415-341-9000 or aq-sf.com).

Photo: Courtesy of AQ

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1085 Mission St
bt 6th & 7th Sts
San Francisco, CA 94103