Get Down with Japantown's Culinary Tour

On a Mission to Eat Everything in Sight

japantown culinary tour!

I. Operation Name: Japantown Culinary Tour.

II. Brief: Embark on a new gastronomic mission through one of the city’s more culturally concentrated neighborhoods. Identify authentic mainstays and hidden gems.

III. Details: Sample seven local offerings, including, but not limited to, onigiri, okonomiyaki (translation: savory Japanese pancake), and a rare dessert from Cafe Hana (code name: Geisha Float, pictured above). Complete the operation with a ramen lunch at Mifune Bistro. Private training sessions are available with additional exercises (sushi class, traditional tea ceremony).

IV. Squad Leader: Major foodie Lisa Rogovin, a Gourmet magazine vet who traded in her sales job for cutthroat field experience as SF’s premier epicurean escort.

V. Coordinates: Classified. Register immediately and await instructions. Missions launch each Friday, 1100 to 1430 hours, as well as the second Saturday of the month. Forty-eight hours’ notice required.

VI. Supplies: Take your appetite. A big one.

To register, call 415-806-5970 or go to edibleexcursions.net, $85.

Photo: Dina Brooks / Courtesy of Edible Excursions