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Leave the Cooking to Kitchit

Top Chefs to Take Home for the Holidays

kitchit personal chef dinner parties!

Six Steps to the Perfect Party

1. Watch a Top Chef marathon; get inspired to cook your own majestically plated feast for friends.

2. Come frighteningly close to burning down your apartment/poisoning your party/spending the night in the kitchen while guests make merry.

3. Log on to Kitchit.com. Browse the selection of real top chefs from around the Bay Area (alums from Gary Danko, Chez Panisse) willing to bring their expertise to your doorstep.

4. Choose your culinary adventure: Head to wine country for haute cuisine from Garrett Adair, let Damon Stainbrook (French Laundry, One Market) take over your dining room with a four-star dinner party, or invite Kayne Raymond to roast a beast in your backyard. Customize the menu to fit your needs, no matter the flavor.

5. Starting today, choose from pre-packaged holiday options (a Thanksgiving feast from Jason Smith or New Year’s Eve cocktails and crab).

6. The chefs do the shopping and cleanup. Smile.

Available online at kitchit.com, $45-$200 per diner. Access is by invitation only, but the first 100 readers to use invitation code DCSF get in.

Photo: Albert Law / Courtesy of Kitchit