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Global Bites and Wine Flights on Valencia

etcetera wine bar san francisco!

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Name: Etcetera Wine Bar

Country of Residence: Owned by a French wine rep, but as of tomorrow, it will call the Mission home.

Itinerary: Tours the globe via the bottle, with a menu dedicated to discovering the world’s wine regions. Maps and facts detail a bottle’s provenance for a true exploration of terroir. Hop on a monthly flight of regional tastings (boarding now: Spanish Riojas).

In-Flight Cuisine:
- Global tapas and larger offerings (smoked salmon carpaccio, mushroom risotto).
- Cheeses and charcuterie (including the coveted — and newly importable — Iberian black foot ham).
- Flammenkueche, a.k.a. the Mission’s new burrito: a traditional French tart with a base of creme fraiche, rolled with regional flavors.

Destination: Formerly Parea, now an international lounge with rich red accents, a compass-emblazoned bar, and ceiling tiles illustrating a map of the world.

Purpose of Travel: Business (if wine tasting is your j-o-b).

Etcetera Wine Bar, 795 Valencia Street, at 19th Street (415-926-5477 or etceterawinebar.com).

Photo: Jean-Michel Fabregon / Courtesy of Etcetera Wine Bar

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795 Valencia St
@ 19th St
San Francisco, CA 94110