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bubala's rugelach!

Some of Mom’s advice you can take (“Eat your greens”) or leave (“You’ve got to kiss a few frogs”).

But when it comes to baked goods, she can do no wrong.

Ellyn Hament, founder of Bubala’s Rugelach, agrees: The native New Yorker transforms her mother’s rugelach recipe into today’s standards by baking in small batches with mostly organic ingredients. After 30 years of baking for family, Hament’s going pro.

If you’re not familiar with the bite-size bitties, get with the program: Like mini croissants but with a cookie-like crumb, they’re usually stuffed with chocolate or jam (a.k.a. edible heaven). Wax nostalgic with customary cinnamon sugar walnut or apricot; throw tradition to the wayside with mocha (made with Blue Bottle Coffee and Scharffen Berger chocolate) or vegan PB&J.

To replicate just-baked bliss, pop them in the oven for a hot minute to get the insides oozing.

Just remember: Mom’s the word.

Available at Other Avenues, 3930 Judah Street, at 44th Avenue (415-661-7475 or otheravenues.coop); by email order (ellyn@bubalasrugelach.com), $15 for a dozen (minimum of three dozen for local delivery). For more information, go to bubalasrugelach.com.

Photo: Cristina Rivera / Courtesy of Bubala’s Rugelach

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