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Special Delivery from Tanya Madoff

button club subscription!

(A Scene from Mondays Rock, a New Chain Restaurant)

Employee 1: Whoa, where’d you get so much flair?

Employee 2: I joined the Button Club, a monthly special delivery of pint-size art started by local graphic artist Tanya Madoff.

E1: How does it work?

E2: Every month, I get a decorated package (usually made from repurposed materials like sheet music or old maps) that coordinates with the month’s themed button. Madoff switches between designing the buttons herself and recruiting local artists for a surprise delivery every time.

E1: What do they look like?

E2: Designs range from a shrunken painting by Serena Mitnik-Miller to a flying pig. And what’s even cooler, Madoff made a custom DailyCandy button, which new members get gratis with a yearly subscription.

E1: Stick it to me.

Available online at tanyamadoff.com, $75. Through December 23, enter code MailCandy for $15 off and a gift, sent with the first issue (deal is also good for gift subscription purchases, up to three total).

Photo: Courtesy of Tanya Madoff