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Prizefighter's Celebration Punch Recipe

Punch Your Lights Out

celebration punch!

You know Emeryville for a certain DIY Swedish furniture brand, but it’s soon to be known for its winning new bar: Prizefighter.

Co-owners Jon Santer (Bourbon & Branch, Beretta), Dylan O’Brien (Bloodhound, Churchill), and Polly Hancock come out swinging with an eclectic menu involving sangria, an updated daiquiri (no little umbrellas here), and some pretty potent punch. We got the recipe for their most festive bowl, aptly dubbed Celebration Punch, by Jackie Patterson (Heaven’s Dog).

It’s a real knockout.

Celebration Punch
Serves six to eight

3 oz. strained, fresh-squeezed lemon juice
5½ oz. cold chai tea (one tea bag’s worth)
5 dashes Angostura bitters
8½ oz. Solerno blood orange liqueur (you may sub Cointreau or another high-quality triple sec)
8½ oz. Lillet Rouge
8½ oz. prosecco
3 oz. ginger beer
1 orange, sliced into wheels

1. Pour all ingredients into a punch bowl with a large ice block and stir.

2. Garnish with orange wheels.

Prizefighter, 6702 Hollis Street, at 67th Street, Emeryville (prizefighterbar.com).

Photo: Schuyler Bailey / DailyCandy

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