Accessible Collecting at Carte Blanche

Valencia's New Gallery and Bookstore

carte blanche!

If your walls could talk, they’d scream for Man Ray. But your wallet says, “Muybridge.”

Start collecting within budget at Carte Blanche, the new photography gallery and bookstore on Valencia. Its mission: to bring great photography to the masses.

French native and amateur photographer Gwen Lafage reinvents the gallery with an easy atmosphere (warm chocolate and red furniture, perusable vintage Life magazines). Inside, find photo books from independent and prominent publishers, and limited-edition prints on the cheap: Five sizes run from extra small ($79 and up) to extra large (starts at $1,250) in a variety of styles (fashion, journalistic, and documentary), with in-store pieces mirrored online for seamless browsing.

Bimonthly rotating exhibitions represent photographers from around the world (Lafage’s Asian travels inspire the current show). Plans to take submissions for local talent are in the works.

Which your walls will thank you for.

Carte Blanche, 973 Valencia Street, between Liberty and 21st Streets (415-821-1055 or gallerycarteblanche.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Carte Blanche

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973 Valencia St
bt 21st & Liberty Sts
San Francisco, CA 94110