Our Top SF Discoveries of 2011

Cream of the Crop

san francisco top discoveries!

When looking back on this fabulous year, we think, “What would Ryan Seacrest do?” So we’ve scoured the archives for the biggest hits of 2011.

May we present our discoveries for 2011’s Best …

Alternative to Actual Crack: Bacon Crack

Reason to Play Hooky: Ram’s Gate

Cry for Help: Hook Chas Up

Buzz on Wheels: Bicycle Coffee Co.

Reuse of Old Stuff: One True Love Vintage Rentals

Lifesavers (Tie): Neat San Francisco and Off Your Plate

Reason to Ignore Your Diet: Three Babes Bakeshop Pie Subscription

Place to Get Nailed: Tnails

Art for Cheapskates: Loose Leaf

Excuse to Strip: Aria Skin & Body’s Brazilian

Mug Shot: Photobooth

Sequins for Nonstrippers: Giovanna Torrico Jewelry

Reason to Hop the Ferry: Plum Bar

Alias: Jenny Pennywood

Turndown Service: Zen Home Green Cleaning

Photo: George Diebold / Getty Images